Best-Selling Passenger Cars in the U.S.

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12. Hyundai Sonata
2017 Sales: 131,803
Vs. 2016: -33.9%
Sales of the Hyundai’s midsize sedan have continued to drop since they peaked in 2012, and the Sonata receives a major refresh for the 2018 model year. Sales were down 38 percent in December and nearly 34 percent for the year, dropping Sonata from the No. 10 position at the end of 2016. The new Sonata sports a bold new front end that features a new “cascading grille” that will become a signature look for future Hyundai models. The front fenders and narrow headlights (with optional LEDs) taper forward to the grille. The updated Sonata receives a new rear suspension and revised steering calibration designed to improve ride, handling and steering response, as well as a suite of high-tech safety features.

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