Best-Selling Passenger Cars in the U.S.

20. Dodge Charger
2017 Sales: 88,351
Vs. 2016: -7.4%
A full-size rear-wheel-drive 4-door sedan, the Charger is a sporty-looking sedan with retro styling cues that make it a rare bird in the passenger car market. Charger offers a spacious interior and is available with a variety of high-performance powertrains, ranging from a 292-horsepower V6 to the extreme 707-horsepower supercharged HEMI V8 in the Charger Hellcat. Charger sales peaked about 10 years ago; however, demand for this large car increased again over the last few years. Charger finished 2017 with a sales decline of 5.6 percent in December and a total drop of 7.4 percent for the year compared to a year ago.

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