Best-Selling New Cars in America Q1 2021 — By Brand

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Infiniti QX50
Total Sales: 6,425
Infiniti introduced an all-new QX50 last year, and the updated model experienced a sales increase in Q1 of 54 percent versus a year earlier. The updated premium crossover received a sportier look with a sculpted hood and character lines that run along the sides to the wraparound rear taillights. The large grille and stylish headlights match the rest of the Infiniti lineup. Infiniti also added a new infotainment system to the QX50 that uses dual HD touchscreen displays so multiple functions can be accessed and viewed simultaneously. Powering the QX50 is a rather innovative engine — a 2.0-liter VC-Turbo. According to Infiniti, this is the first production engine that adjusts compression ratio to optimize both power and efficiency.

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