Best-Selling New Cars in America – 2020

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
3. Ram Truck
2020 Sales: 563,676
Vs. 2019: –11.0 %
Ram introduced an all-new 1500 pickup in 2019 and followed shortly thereafter with the Ram Heavy Duty. These two offerings resulted in the fourth consecutive year of record sales — a feat that probably would have been repeated in 2020 had the pandemic not affected things. The Ram features bold exterior styling, and the interior is one of the nicest on the market. Six trim levels are available, as well as a new lineup of powertrains that includes a powerful diesel and eventually a hybrid system. The updated Ram Heavy Duty now boasts a new diesel with 1,075 lb-ft of torque providing a 37,100-pound towing capacity. For 2021 Ram adds the high-performance 702-horsepower TRX, designed for tackling off-road terrain at high speeds.

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