Best-Selling Cars of 2020: First Quarter

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23. Chevrolet Malibu
2020 Sales: 35,283
Vs. 2019: 3.2 %
A surprise success story amid declining auto sales comes from one of the oldest nameplates in the Chevrolet lineup. Thus far in 2020, Malibu sales have increased over the first quarter of 2019 — one of the few vehicles to have an upward trend. Four years ago Chevrolet introduced the current-generation Malibu. This 9th generation has front-wheel drive and available engines include a 250-horsepower turbo as well as a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain. In 2019 Chevrolet gave the Malibu fresh new styling, a range of upgraded features and introduced the Malibu RS, which stands out with a black sport grille, black bowtie emblems, a rear spoiler, dual exhaust and 18-inch machined wheels.

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