Best-Selling Cars of 2020: First Quarter

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5. Toyota Camry
2020 Sales: 77,188
Vs. 2019: –5.5 %
Even though sales of the Camry were down slightly last year, the popular sedan continues its reign as best-selling car in America, with 2019 marking the 17th year in that top position. As was the case with most vehicles on this list, the Camry had a steep decline in sales for March versus a year earlier. A few years ago, Camry received a redesign including an updated grille, integrated headlights and sculpted lines that give the sedan a more engaging presence, as well as a completely new interior and choice of fuel-efficient, powerful engines. For those seeking even more performance, a Camry TRD with performance suspension and brakes — as well as a cat-back exhaust system — has joined the lineup.

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