Best-Selling Automotive Brands in America

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5. Jeep
Total Sales: 541,297
Vs. 2021: -10.5%
Best-Selling Model: Grand Cherokee
Although Jeep’s overall sales were down slightly for 2021, the brand had some clear successes last year with the return of the Wagoneer as well as the introduction of the all-new Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L. The new Grand Cherokee L is 15 inches longer than the standard Grand Cherokee and offers a third-row seat for the first time. Like the Grand Cherokee L, the updated two-row 2022 Grand Cherokee features slim LED headlights, a smaller forward-leaning 7-slot grille, a roof that tapers to the rear spoiler, and slim wraparound taillights. Jeep also offers the Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid, continuing the brand’s move towards electrification.

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