Which Auto Brands Sell the Most Cars in America?

© Bugatti© Bugatti
Total Sales: 80 (Global)
Vs. 2021: +0.0 %
Best-Selling Model: Chiron
One of the most exclusive automotive brands in the world, Bugatti doesn’t sell a lot of vehicles. Since every car gets hand built to customer specifications, the company reached its maximum output of 80 vehicles delivered last year. During 2022 the company delivered the 400th Chiron, the final nine Chiron Super Sport 300+, and all ten copies of the Centodieci. Looking forward, only 100 examples of the Chiron are left to build to complete the series, and production will start on the W16 Mistral. The Mistral roadster debuted during Monterey Car Week, and all examples of its limited production run of 99 vehicles have been reserved.

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