Which Auto Brands Sell the Most Cars in America?

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Best-Selling Auto Brands
The U.S. auto industry hoped for continued recovery following sales increases in 2021; however, due to ongoing supply issues that trend did not continue. With less than 14 million new vehicles sold last year, the industry experienced its lowest numbers in over a decade. That said, some brands did have positive sales in 2022, with high-end marques such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce reporting record numbers. Others, such as Honda and Nissan, experienced considerable sales dips. Here’s how 2022 stacked up for each automotive brand sold in America, including the best-selling model of each maker. A few outliers have not reported 2022 sales data yet, and most figures listed are for the U.S.; however, some companies only report global sales so we also note that where appropriate.

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