Best-Selling Auto Brands in America – Q1 2022

© Jaguar Land Rover© Jaguar Land Rover
33. Jaguar
Total Sales: 2,816
Vs. 2021: -30.4%
Best-Selling Model: F-PACE
After experiencing a peak in 2017, Jaguar sales have been on a downward trend continues into 2022. The company introduced an updated F-PACE and high-performance F-PACE SVR for the 2021 model year with enhanced performance, updated styling and a significantly improved interior. Although the F-PACE remains Jaguar’s best-selling model, sales of this sport SUV are down 46 percent versus a year earlier. The last 4-door sedan in the lineup — the Jaguar XF — had the highest percentage improvement year over year, but the actual sales number of just over 400 units sold is pretty small and not enough to turn the brand’s overall sales positive.

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