Best-Selling Auto Brands in America – Q1 2022

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
9. Ram
Total Sales: 138,153
Vs. 2021: -15.2%
Best-Selling Model: Pickup
Ram continues to have strong sales results, with 2021 posting the brand’s second-best year ever. In 2019 Ram introduced an all-new 1500 pickup and followed shortly thereafter with the Ram Heavy Duty. Strong Ram sales continue to show results: the big truck has overtaken Chevrolet to become the second-best-selling vehicle in America for 2021. The pickup wasn’t the only success story from Ram last year. The ProMaster commercial van had a surprising 25 percent increase in sales year over year, with the ProMaster City smaller van bumping up by 40 percent. But in keeping with most brands on this list, sales of all three Ram models are down in 2022 when compared with a year earlier.

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