Best-Selling Auto Brands in America – Q1 2022

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
22. Cadillac
Total Sales: 28,216
Vs. 2021: -24.3%
Best-Selling Model: Escalade
Cadillac sales were down for 2021 and that continues into 2022, but there are a few bright spots in the sales portfolio. The company introduced a new Escalade last year, and the updated model has clearly been well received. The statement-making SUV had a stellar year with its best sales since 2007 — a 65 percent increase compared with 2020. Escalade has been among the best-selling luxury SUVs in America since it introduction 20 years ago. The current Cadillac Escalade is the fifth generation of this iconic vehicle with fresh styling, new powertrains and a range of innovative, high-tech features.

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