Best-Selling Auto Brands in America – Q1 2022

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25. Lincoln
Total Sales: 19,148
Vs. 2021: -24.6%
Best-Selling Model: Corsair
With the discontinuation of the MKZ and Continental, Ford’s luxury brand now only offers SUVs in its lineup. In 2021 overall sales were down and that trend has continued for the first portion of 2022. Not surprisingly, the smaller Corsair has moved to the top of the Lincoln lineup in terms of sales. The Corsair may be an entry-level model, but inside it features upscale materials to create a premium feeling within the cabin. Corsair also features active noise control, and sounds that occupants do hear are chimes recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. A range of new technologies can be found in this small crossover; for example, owners will be able to use their smartphones as keys to the Corsair.

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