Best-Selling Auto Brands in America – 2021

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41. Bugatti
Total Sales: 80 (GLOBAL)
Vs. 2020: +3.9%
Best-Selling Model: Chiron
One of the most exclusive automotive brands in the world, Bugatti doesn’t sell a lot of vehicles. Since every vehicle gets hand built to customer specifications, the company cannot build many more than the 80 delivered last year. During 2021 the company delivered the last of the Bugatti Divos, the first Chiron Super Sport 300+ as well as the one-off La Voiture Noire. The future at Bugatti looks bright — the company took 150 new orders last year, with 60 percent of those customers buying their first Bugatti. The amazing Chiron is now sold out, as is the Bolide — the most extreme Bugatti ever.

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