Best Resale Values of 2015

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Best Resale Values
For many Americans, a new car will be the second-largest purchase of their lives — next to owning a home. When a purchase is this important, not only do shoppers want low prices, they want to know their new purchase will retain its value for years to come. Although most vehicles lose considerable scratch the moment they’re driven off a dealer’s lot, Kelley Blue Book says the cars and trucks listed here will retain their value better than others in their respective categories. Prices shown are base MSRP with no options added.

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5 thoughts on “Best Resale Values of 2015

  1. The 4Runner is not a crossover SUV. It still uses a body on frame design and is awesome off-road unlike most crossovers. Most people who drive 4Runners aren’t looking for the comfy car like ride to get groceries and drop the kids off at soccer practice. Solid vehicle all around and they last a long time!

  2. Well not at all, i have a Camry toyota and at least this car was not so good and the dealer where i bought it it has a ver bad service, may be that is because its a mexican dealer in Hermosillo, Mexico.

  3. Toyota/Lexus builds the best cars in the world. Period. I have owned several different cars from Ford to Mercedes Benz. The Toyota I own now have by far been the best car I have ever owned. I cannot even think of who would be close. Certainly not a European car. Most all of them are not the quality they want you to believe. Chrysler has always been junk. When they bought Jeep that was the end of that make as well. GM builds a few good cars but not a one compares to a Toyota. Subaru is probably the closest to Toyota.

    1. Thomas I sale Toyota and Chrysler and I will say that the new Chrysler and Dodge cars are just as reliable as the rest. And the styling of Chrysler products far surpasses Toyota in my book.

      1. Donnie I respectfully disagree. Chrysler has never, ever built a good car. Good engines yes, but total car, not a chance. My family used to be Jeep supporters but when Chrysler bought Jeep, Jeep died. I was raised to never, ever buy a Chrysler product. Some of the newer Chrysler cars and trucks are good looking automobiles I will give them that. Dependability is what I look for in a vehicle and no one even comes close to Toyota. They hold value better than most any car out there.

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