Best Resale Values of 2015

© ToyotaBest Resale Values
For many Americans, a new car will be the second-largest purchase of their lives — next to owning a home. When a purchase is this important, not only do shoppers want low prices, they want to know their new purchase will retain its value for years to come. Although most vehicles lose considerable scratch the moment they’re driven off a dealer’s lot, Kelley Blue Book says the cars and trucks listed here will retain their value better than others in their respective categories. Prices shown are base MSRP with no options added.

© HondaBest Subcompact Car
Honda Fit
Price: $15,650
Value in 36 months: 65.0% of MSRP — $10,172
Value in 60 months: 47.7% of MSRP — $7,465
The Honda Fit offers a surprisingly spacious interior with a versatile seating system that allows for all sorts of cargo. It may look small, but many see the Fit as a perfect alternative to an SUV.

© SubaruBest Compact Car
Subaru Impreza
Price: $18,195
Value in 36 months: 61.3% of MSRP — $11,153
Value in 60 months: 47.1% of MSRP — $8,570
With a peppy but fuel-efficient engine and comfortable interior, the Impreza is a compact car that often gets over looked. Subaru’s full-time AWD system is a great added benefit, no matter where you live.

© SubaruBest Mid-Size Car
Subaru Legacy
Price: $21,695
Value in 36 months: 61.8% of MSRP — $13,408
Value in 60 months: 44.3% of MSRP — $9,611
The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry may be the best known names in the family sedan market, but with a competitive starting price and the added security of all-wheel drive, it’s surprising that more people haven’t discovered the Subaru Legacy. Legacy is all new for 2015, and certainly worth a look.

© ChryslerBest Full-Size Car
Dodge Charger
Price: $28,990
Value in 36 months: 51.0% of MSRP — $14,785
Value in 60 months: 38.5% of MSRP — $11,161
The Charger may not hold its value as well as some smaller vehicles on this list, although it stands out among full-size sedans. With sporty styling, a spacious interior and a smooth ride, the Charger undoubtedly makes a strong statement as a family sedan too.

© SubaruBest Sporty Compact Car
Subaru WRX
Price: $26,295
Value in 36 months: 64.2% of MSRP — $16,881
Value in 60 months: 49.4% of MSRP — $12,990
If you enjoy enthusiastic driving, the WRX will certainly smack a smile on your face. With full-time all-wheel drive and Active Torque Vectoring, this sporty Subaru is right at home on twisty roads. We suggest choosing the manual transmission over the CVT.

© General MotorsBest Sports Car
Chevrolet Camaro V6
Price: $23,705
Value in 36 months: 55.7% of MSRP — $13,204
Value in 60 months: 46.3% of MSRP — $10,975
For car aficionados, these are amazing times — a base-level V6-powered Chevy Camaro offers up more than 300 horsepower. The interior is a bit plain, but in addition to holding its value a Camaro will continue to look sharp well into the future.

© General MotorsBest High-Performance Car
Chevrolet Corvette
Price: $54,000
Value in 36 months: 64.3% of MSRP – $34,722
Value in 60 months: 49.5% of MSRP — $26,730
One of the most recognizable cars on the road, the new C7 Corvette is an amazing machine. The level of performance — not just power but handling and drivability — is impressive for such a relatively low starting price.

© ToyotaBest Entry-Level Luxury Car
Lexus RC 350
Price: $42,790
Value in 36 months: 63.0% of MSRP — $26,958
Value in 60 months: 45.0% of MSRP — $19,256
All-new for 2015, the RC is designed as a sports coupe rather than a 2-door version of a sedan. With a wide stance and rear- or all-wheel drive, combined with a 306-horsepower V6 engine, the RC is a great combination of luxury and performance.

© ToyotaBest Luxury Car
Lexus GS 350
Price: $48,600
Value in 36 months: 54.0% of MSRP — $26,244
Value in 60 months: 39.0% of MSRP — $18,954
Lexus seems to be stacking the deck with high scores in multiple categories, including the GS for Best Luxury Car. Sporting many of the same specs as the RC but in a more useful, comfortable four-door sedan, the GS features a new multimedia system for 2015.

© ToyotaBest High-End Luxury Car
Lexus LS 460
Price: $72,520
Value in 36 months: 55.5% of MSRP — $40,249
Value in 60 months: 39.5% of MSRP — $28,645
The Lexus LS is really the only Japanese competitor to the big European luxury sedans, and clearly — according to Kelley Blue Book — it is a better value. The flagship LS460 has a powerful V8 engine, a supremely smooth and quiet ride and a luxurious interior.

© ToyotaBest Hybrid/Alternative Energy Car
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Price: $27,615
Value in 36 months: 58.7% of MSRP — $16,210
Value in 60 months: 46.7% of MSRP — $12,896
All new for 2015, the Camry Hybrid gets fresh styling as well as a stiffer body structure, improved aerodynamics and a much quieter ride. The hybrid system provides reasonable acceleration and performance while still earning EPA ratings in the 40 mpg range.

© Porsche AGBest Plug-In Vehicle
Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid
Price: $76,400
Value in 36 months: 55.0% of MSRP — $42,020
Value in 60 months: 35.0% of MSRP — $26,740
Typically a hybrid is designed for improved fuel economy over performance, but the plug-in Cayenne S E-Hybrid is not your typical hybrid — it’s a Porsche. Combined energy from the V6 engine and electric motor is 416 horsepower. Cayenne can even reach 78 mph on electric power alone.

© ChryslerBest Compact SUV/Crossover
Jeep Wrangler
Price: $22,795
Value in 36 months: 67.9% of MSRP — $15,478
Value in 60 months: 57.4% of MSRP — $13,084
The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most recognized vehicles in the world — its basic shape hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced. While its features and amenities have changed considerably over the years, the Wrangler’s legendary off-road capability remains true to form.

© ChryslerBest Mid-Size SUV/Crossover
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Price: $26,595
Value in 36 months: 72.0% of MSRP — $19,148
Value in 60 months: 60.4% of MSRP — $16,063
When Jeep introduced the four-door Wrangler Unlimited for the 2007 model year, many Jeep enthusiasts thought it sacrilege. With the Unlimited comprising about 60 percent of Wrangler sales and possessing one of the highest residual values of any vehicle in the country, it certainly seems to make sense now.

© General MotorsBest Full-Size SUV/Crossover
Chevrolet Suburban
Price: $47,220
Value in 36 months: 55.3% of MSRP — $26,113
Value in 60 months: 43.3% of MSRP — $20,446
When many Americans think big SUV, it’s often a Chevy Suburban that comes to mind. The Suburban has been around for more than 80 years, and with seating for up to nine, plenty of cargo space and impressive towing ability, it is unique to the market.

© Mercedes-BenzBest Luxury Compact SUV/Crossover
Mercedes-Benz GLK
Price: $37,900
Value in 36 months: 57.3% of MSRP — $21,717
Value in 60 months: 44.7% of MSRP — $16,941
The only entry from Mercedes-Benz on this list, and one of only two European vehicles, the GLK was the German company’s first entry in the small SUV segment. With a fuel-efficient engine and the expected creature comforts, the GLK is indeed the Mercedes of small crossovers.

© ToyotaBest Luxury Mid-Size SUV/Crossover
Lexus GX 460
Price: $49,485
Value in 36 months: 66.0% of MSRP — $32,600
Value in 60 months: 48.5% of MSRP — $24,000
Although the trend has moved toward luxury crossovers that are more at home on pavement than on dirt, the Lexus GX still keeps its off-road prowess. Based on the Toyota 4Runner, the GX features full-time 4WD and all the equipment needed to do some serious off-roading.

© ToyotaBest Luxury Full-Size SUV/Crossover
Lexus LX 570
Price: $83,180
Value in 36 months: 64.0% of MSRP — $53,235
Value in 60 months: 49.0% of MSRP — $40,758
Following in Land Rover’s tire tracks, Lexus has made its top-line SUV an excellent combination of luxurious amenities and impressive off-road capability. The large sport ute can seat up to eight, keep them comfortable and entertained, and take them just about anywhere.

© ToyotaBest Hybrid SUV/Crossover
Lexus RX 450h
Price: $47,620
Value in 36 months: 62.0% of MSRP — $29,524
Value in 60 months: 46.0% of MSRP — $21,905
The first hybrid luxury crossover when it arrived on the market 10 years ago, the Lexus RX continues to impress. With almost 300 horsepower and a combined fuel-economy rating of 30 mpg, the RX lets you have the best of both worlds.

© ToyotaBest Mid-Size Pickup Truck
Toyota Tacoma
Price: $20,965
Value in 36 months: 74.9% of MSRP — $15,703
Value in 60 months: 60.4% of MSRP — $12,663
Not only is the Toyota Tacoma the most popular midsize truck on the market, it holds its value better than any other vehicle in America. With choices of engine, drivetrain, bed length, and cab style, there’s a Tacoma that will fit just about any truck-buyer’s needs.

© ToyotaBest Full-Size Pickup Truck
Toyota Tundra
Price: $28,510
Value in 36 months: 68.3% of MSRP — $19,472
Value in 60 months: 58.4% of MSRP — $16,650
The full-size truck market is one of the hardest for a non-domestic brand to crack. Although the Tundra has seen sales improve, it still makes up a small percentage of overall truck sales. That said, the big V8-powered pickup clearly has a loyal following and the third-highest resale value of all vehicles sold in America.

© ToyotaBest Minivan/Van
Toyota Sienna
Price: $28,600
Value in 36 months: 57.9% of MSRP — $16,559
Value in 60 months: 44.3% of MSRP — $12,670
Toyota has refreshed the Sienna for the 2015 model year, and the top-selling minivan is the only one on the market offering all-wheel drive. Designed with busy families in mind, Sienna has entertainment and safety features that will keep the whole crew happily humming down the road.

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  1. Jon

    The 4Runner is not a crossover SUV. It still uses a body on frame design and is awesome off-road unlike most crossovers. Most people who drive 4Runners aren’t looking for the comfy car like ride to get groceries and drop the kids off at soccer practice. Solid vehicle all around and they last a long time!

  2. Hector Loaiza

    Well not at all, i have a Camry toyota and at least this car was not so good and the dealer where i bought it it has a ver bad service, may be that is because its a mexican dealer in Hermosillo, Mexico.

  3. Thomas Campbell

    Toyota/Lexus builds the best cars in the world. Period. I have owned several different cars from Ford to Mercedes Benz. The Toyota I own now have by far been the best car I have ever owned. I cannot even think of who would be close. Certainly not a European car. Most all of them are not the quality they want you to believe. Chrysler has always been junk. When they bought Jeep that was the end of that make as well. GM builds a few good cars but not a one compares to a Toyota. Subaru is probably the closest to Toyota.

    1. Donnie

      Thomas I sale Toyota and Chrysler and I will say that the new Chrysler and Dodge cars are just as reliable as the rest. And the styling of Chrysler products far surpasses Toyota in my book.

      1. Thomas Campbell

        Donnie I respectfully disagree. Chrysler has never, ever built a good car. Good engines yes, but total car, not a chance. My family used to be Jeep supporters but when Chrysler bought Jeep, Jeep died. I was raised to never, ever buy a Chrysler product. Some of the newer Chrysler cars and trucks are good looking automobiles I will give them that. Dependability is what I look for in a vehicle and no one even comes close to Toyota. They hold value better than most any car out there.


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