America’s Sports Car: The History of Corvette

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1959 Stingray Racer Concept
A race car concept based on an initial sketch by Peter Brock, the Stingray Racer Concept was the project of William Mitchell, then Vice President of Design for General Motors and the final design was created by Larry Shinoda. Also known as XP-87, the Stingray Racer Concept was built using one of the two Corvette SS chassis, after the Corvette SS project was cancelled. Because of the voluntary ban on manufacturer racing, Mitchell arranged to have a privateer Corvette racer in the car in late 1959 who won the SCCA class championship in 1960. The next year XP-87 became a show car to help generate interest in the second-generation Corvette before Mitchell drove it as his personal road car. The Stingray concept is now part of the GM Heritage Collection.

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