America’s Sports Car: The History of Corvette

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1970-75 Corvette
For 1970 the Corvette’s side louvers were replaced with slotted fender vents to accompany new fender flares. The LT1 small-block V8 came onboard as an option, rated at 370 horsepower; the 454 cubic-inch big block was also offered, rated at 390 horsepower, as well as the ZR-1 factory racing package. The 1972 model was the last Corvette to offer a removable rear window and chrome front bumper, with a body-color front bumper for 1973 and body-color rear bumper for 1974. Like every model, Corvette was hit hard by new emission regulations and power dropped dramatically for the 1972 model year. The standard 350 V8 was rated at 200 horsepower (270 hp for 1971) and the 454 V8 dropped to only 270 horsepower (425 hp for 1971). The last Corvette Convertible was available for 1975 until it returned again in 1986 and the 500,000th Corvette was produced on March 15, 1977 — a white coupe with red interior.

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