America’s Sports Car: The History of Corvette

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Third Generation: 1968 Corvette C3
The Corvette was redesigned for 1968 with a new look that followed the Mako Shark II concept, featuring a long hood, flowing fenders and a short, flat rear deck. New features included “T-Top” removable roof panels, pop-up headlights and a removable rear window. On November 19, 1969, the 250,000th Corvette was produced — a gold convertible. For 1969 the name on the front fenders was changed to “Stingray” from “Sting Ray” on the C2 Corvette, the small-block V8 grew to 350 cubic inches (from 327) and the ZL1 all-aluminum big-block was offered. Only two 1969 Corvettes were built with the ZL1 engine because the cost of the engine at $4,718 was almost as much as a base Corvette Coupe at $4,781.

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