America’s Sports Car: The History of Corvette

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1953 Corvette
The Corvette concept debuted at the GM Motorama at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in January 1953; a mere six months later, the first production Corvette rolled off the assembly line at the factory in Flint, Michigan. Only 300 Corvettes were produced for 1953 and they were all Polo White with Sportsman Red interiors. The body was made of fiberglass rather than steel, which gave the designers more opportunity to create rounded shapes and made tooling easier. All 1953 Corvettes were powered by the Blue Flame Six, an inline 6-cylinder engine with three side-draft carburetors, rated at 150 horsepower and combined with a Powerglide automatic transmission. The only options offered were a heater and an AM radio.

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