America’s Most Stolen New Cars 2018

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It’s safe to assume if one car is easier to steal than another, it makes a more enticing target for a thief — which is why the list of most stolen cars overall in America is typically populated by older vehicles with little anti-theft protection. However, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau — which tracks annual vehicle theft data across the U.S. — last year’s new models were not immune to being appropriated by thieves. According to the NICB report, anti-theft technology works but owner complacency often plays a role in defeating that technology. Thousands of late-model vehicles are stolen each year because drivers leave keys and fobs inside vehicles, making the cars easy targets for thieves. What follows are the 25 most stolen new vehicles in America — a countdown of model year 2017 cars and trucks purloined last year, as reported by the NICB.

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