American Automotive Muscle — Born in the USA

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Modern American Muscle
Power and speed — two glorious aspects of the automobile that many Americans still care about when considering a new vehicle. Sure, the tech wizardry of advanced safety systems and self-driving cars attract the most attention, but for those who count themselves among true car enthusiasts, it’s still the enticing roar of a big V8 that puts a stomp in the right foot and a smile across the face. Today’s choices for modern American muscle are better than ever, with a plethora of high-performance rides available from U.S. companies and brands that feature turbocharged, supercharged and even electrified powerplants (no V8 roar, but plenty of muscle). These powerful vehicles aren’t always affordable, and they’re not always cars. Take a look at modern American muscle: cars, trucks and SUVs available today — listed in order by price — all born in the USA.

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