Amazing Truck Campers That Transform Pickups Into Instant RVs

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2022 Northwood Arctic Fox 1150
Approx. Starting Retail Price: $48,000
Vehicle Size: Full-size, one-ton and up, dual rear wheels
Camper Weight: 3,358 lbs.
The 1150 has thick-wall aluminum frames, a one-piece continuous fiberglass roof, four-season foam-block insulation and polyurethane-laminated multi-layer exterior walls. Notable features are numerous and include a 20,000-BTU auto-ignition furnace, frameless windows, Rieco Titan electric jacks with a 6-function remote, and a rear electric awning, to name but a few key items. Note that the 2022 Fox gets built with a mandatory Value Pack that includes these and many more features.

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