Amazing Truck Campers That Transform Pickups Into Instant RVs

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Four Wheel Campers Swift
Approx. Starting Retail Price: Topper $9,795; Shells $13,895; Full Campers $20,995
Vehicle Size: Midsize, 5 ft. bed
Camper Weight: 935 lbs.
The name Four Wheel Campers has been around since 1972. The company, based in Woodland, California, has three platform options for truck campers: slide-in, flat-bed or topper (bolts to the top of the truck’s bed rails), offering versatility as well as a wide range of price points. The Swift slide-in is for midsize trucks with 5-foot short beds. Other models are the Fleet for midsize long-bed trucks, the Hawk for standard-bed full-size trucks, the Raven for short-bed full-size trucks, as well as the Grandby for full-size long-bed trucks.

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