Amazing Sports Cars Under $60,000

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Amazing Sports Cars Under $60,000
Sports cars are all about enjoying the drive. These vehicles have little utility, are not typically fuel efficient, and often have limited occupant space. They tend to be more of a luxury item and can be more expensive than the typical passenger car. Sure, they will still get from point A to point B, but they inspire drivers to find the most interesting route in between. Granted, there are a variety of opinions about what constitutes a sports car, so in this case our scope is 2-door coupes, convertibles and hatchbacks, all with a base price below $60,000. Yes, there are plenty of high-performance sedans, SUVs and even wagons — but for this exercise we aren’t calling them true sports cars. Here’s a look at a selection of engaging and amazing sports cars in America under $60,000 available today, as well as their up-level variants.

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