Cars of the GM Heritage Center: An Insider’s Look

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Cars of the GM Heritage Center
Approximately 20 miles north of downtown Detroit, the General Motors Heritage Center preserves a treasure trove of historic vehicles. Not open to the general public — but eventually available for special events when health conditions allow — the Center contains about 600 significant GM vehicles. Some are “firsts” for the company as well as the auto industry (the first electric starter), others are concepts and technological leaps (the first gas turbine car), while others are one-offs, race cars and milestone production vehicles. It is truly an amazing collection to witness if one can eventually wrangle an invitation. Until then, let’s peek inside at the cars of the GM Heritage Center via the online collection, and marvel at some uniquely American creations.

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5 thoughts on “Cars of the GM Heritage Center: An Insider’s Look

  1. Great rendition — especially of the Cadillacs. When will we ever see another Cadillac to rival those shown here? We need a new icon without worrying about fuel efficiency and “organic” greenness.

  2. A bright red Cadillac convertible was my ideal car when I was a kid and it still is. They don’t make such gorgeous cars any longer.

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