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2018 Jaguar F-TYPE AWD
Starting MSRP: $82,900
Touted as the preferred ride of evil protagonists worldwide, the Jaguar F-TYPE is a convincing hooligan. We love the car’s low-slung sinister look . . . it pushes the right buttons. The base trim — a rear-wheel driver — features a 296-horse 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and a $59,900 price tag. Getting that all-season friendly all-wheel drive costs more than 20 large. (Yikes.) The extra coin also delivers more power to the tune of 380 horses from a supercharged V6. Lust for a dastardly rumble from under the hood? The F-TYPE can be had with a blown 5.0-liter V8 as well . . . a 550-horse version for $99,900, and a chart-topping 575-horsepower model that goes for $121,900. Does crime pay? It will have to if you want to roll in one of these Leaping Cats.

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