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Automotive Content Experience (ACE) produces engaging, informative stories and reviews for AutoNXT that appeal to casual readers, car shoppers and auto enthusiasts. Formed in 2014 by Perry Stern, Mike Meredith and Eric Bellscheidt after nearly 20 years leading the editorial team at MSN Autos — one of the first and largest third-party automotive sites on the Web — ACE also produces stories and photos for AutoNXT from all major auto shows worldwide, including Detroit, New York, Geneva, Frankfurt and more. All content created by ACE is available for distribution. If you would like to feature our work on your website, please contact us at admin@autocontentexp.com.

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  1. Honda CR-X HF 1984. MPG 61 . I did better, still have the widow sticker. bought it in Dec 83. they told me it was the first one sold

  2. When will you consider the handicapped in general and especially the Veterans and those with prosthetics and braces? There are no more front seat bench cars. The newer cars are not for the people I described…me. I have a handicapped card and IGNORANTS squeeze close to my car. At a conference center with other groups, a huge SUV jammed me in so close a manila folder is the width they left me. I had to slide in from the passenger’s side to my driver’s seat. I could not wait for the concierge with the golf cart. The pain was torture at a meeting I was legally mandated to observe. My 2001 Buick is still great. From work and creative endeavors I have lost the use of both hands. I wear braces. I cannot push the button to “spray” on my iron. NO WAY can I drive the newer cars with the “drive control” in the center. Heaven forbid, just being in one of the new vehicles, how do I exit in an emergency? Those stick shifts are not friendly to ladies.

  3. Peter,
    Excellent piece on your MSN (hosted) Luxury At Any (Every?) Pricepoint…. Just one thing…quite the gap from the 20k+ range Kia to 40k Lincoln…. How about the all important 30k segment? Challenging category to be sure, but it would be interesting to see your take on it. Another Kia, Hyundai, lower line Lexus maybe? My guess might be Avalon (admittedly closer to 40) – maybe? Even something as (seemingly/historically) pedestrian as the surprisingly beautiful “new” Impala? (Though again, better equipped variants are into the 40k+ territory). I’m surprised makers haven’t mined this fertile 30k field more. Toyota for instance has, oddly, worked hard to UN-luxury the Camry for a decade now, with each variant supposedly sportier (who asked them? – and I love sports sedans, but “my Camry” doesn’t need to be one, especially if at the expense of refinement and luxury/comfort *in that segment*…but I always (positively) associated Camry’s with “luxury” (somewhat, at least coddling/comfort) on a family-car budget. …in any event, I’m surprised we’re not seeing luxified Rav4s (and their ilk), or more well equippped AWD sedans from Honda and Toyota (both wanting to skew buyers to their SUVs instead perhaps?).

    Back to the article, perhaps an update soon with a more-flushed out middle zone?…and, in addition to at least one 30+k entry, a couple per category on up through the $ ranges, rather than just the one-per.
    Scottsdale, AZ

  4. I love your website and appreciate the useful information. I especially liked the “Wash Your Car Like a Pro” feature…very helpful.

    I own a convertible. It would be great to see a feature about proper convertible care and maintenance. Helpful tips would be preventative care of the convertible surface, moving joints, seals, motor, etc.

    Thanks for your website. I’ll keep checking in, and wish you all the best.

    Kelly Myers

  5. I guess you forgot to count when doing the “History of Malibu” feature on msn.com completely omitting the 1966-67 models.

  6. Perry Stern,
    I read your fuel saving tips and you forgot to include
    avoid ethanol. Ethanol costs 6 cylinders about 21% more in costs
    and 8 cylinders 25% more in costs.
    You should getting the mpg from ethanol. Then you should get
    the mpg from an ethanol free source and you’ll find out the difference is 4 mpg. Multiply 4 times the size of your tank to find out how much more in mileage you’ll get. Then you should divide the mpg into the mileage to find out how many gallons saved
    with non-ethanol gasoline, then multiply that by the CURRENT cost of gasoline to find the savings.
    Good luck,
    Rick Bowman

  7. Greetings from the desert southwest! Read your Ways to wash your car thing the other day and have a question. Living in the high desert area in southeastern Arizona that I do, my motorhomes finish takes a beating from the sun. She is an old but gold motorhome. I guess in 94 Fleetwood manufacturing didn’t put very much clear coating in their paints or just didn’t use a good enough quality paint to start with. With the exception of repainting(way too expensive), what can I use on the badly faded areas to try to bring back some luster to the paint? Clay bars, rubbing compounds, what will work? The previous owner used something on one spot that has been exceptionally clean an shiny, but I couldn’t get him to tell me what he used. Can you guys point me in the right direction? I am not afraid of using a lot of “Elbow grease” to get the job done.


    Charlie Sites

  8. Perry,

    Congrats on your new undertaking. I’m enjoying reading your ACE articles. Fie on Microsoft.

    Best at ya,

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