25 Cars Sold for $260 Million in 2016

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1956 Porsche 550 Spyder
Sale Price: $6,104,365
Auction: Bonhams, Chichester, UK
The Porsche 550 was one of motorsport’s most dominant race cars in the 1950s, out-performing almost all other models in its class. The little Porsches were extremely quick in a straight line, claiming a top speed of 137 mph and the ability to reach 62 mph in less than 10 seconds — both figures quite impressive for the time period. This particular 550 is all original; it has never been restored. “The car is so original, that you could travel back in time 60 years and find it in much the same condition. It’s exactly how a 550 would have looked, smelt and felt like when James Dean famously purchased his example back in 1955,” said Bonhams International Group Motoring Director James Knight. This was the highest auction price ever achieved for a Porsche 550.

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