2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre: First Drive Review

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
Rolls First, EV Second
When engineers and designers began work on Spectre, their intentions were clear: the new vehicle would be a Rolls-Royce first and an EV second. The result is something purely Rolls-Royce, with a sleek, stylish design that cannot be mistaken for anything else. Up front is the traditional bold grille, although for Spectre it has been restyled to be the widest and most aerodynamic version ever offered. Above the grille flies the famed Spirit of Ecstasy ornament, which has been streamlined for Spectre. With its long, sloping hood and flowing roofline, Spectre is the most aerodynamic vehicle Rolls-Royce has ever produced, touting a 0.25 drag coefficient.

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