2024 BMW i5 Review: The 5 Series Goes Electric

Excellent Handling
While both i5 variants deliver good performance, the M60 is considerably more enjoyable to drive. With excellent traction from both electric motors and plenty of torque available all the time, the i5 is never wanting for power. Steering is precise with quick response, and the suspension does a great job of keeping the big sedan flat in the corners. Strong brakes deliver predictable results, adding to the confident ride. The i5 is not exactly a track car, but it performs quite well when pushed to its limits. The course at the BMW Performance Center is rather technical, with quick turns as well as considerable elevation changes, and the i5 M60 handled it without a problem. The sedan stayed completely composed, even when accelerating hard out of turns or using its extensive braking power when coming into a sharp turn a bit too fast. Most owners will never take their BMW i5 to the track, but this experience showed how well this car handles a variety of conditions.

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