2023 Wagoneer L / Grand Wagoneer L: More Space, Power

© Stellantis North America© Stellantis North America
Elegant Design

Like the standard-length version, the 2023 Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L feature a wide stance while emphasizing length via a flat roofline and a pronounced shoulder line that circumnavigates the entire vehicle, similar to the original. Wagoneer engineers minimized pillars to allow large windows that provide optimum outward visibility. © Stellantis North America© Stellantis North America
Familiar Grille
An iconic 7-slot Jeep grille ties Wagoneer to the off-road brand, and above the grille the model name gets spelled out in bold letters at the front edge of the hood. Wagoneer badging on the sides includes an American flag. The Grand Wagoneer grille has paint-over-chrome laser-etched grille rings similar to a knurled finish. The leading edge of the hood steps up to surround the grille, and Grand Wagoneer lettering sits on the top edge of the grille rather than on the hood.

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