2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: First Drive Review

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E 450 Coupe Interior
The E 450 Coupe is equally as beautiful as the E 350 Sedan thanks to natural grain Black Ash wood and black Nappa leather. The optional dual-spoke steering wheel feels a bit too thick with hands at the 3- and 9-o’clock positions. Another niggling item is the windshield wiper switch. Despite nearly every other luxury automaker using a stalk on the right side of the steering wheel for the wipers, Mercedes retains the twist-switch on the turn-signal stalk. Not only does this setup require removing a hand from the steering wheel to activate the wipers, drivers could also end up bumping the car into neutral by hitting the gear selector while attempting to access the wipers. Another downside of the twist-switch: no single-swipe function — a feature appreciated in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

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