2020 Chicago Auto Show Highlights

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2021 Jaguar F-TYPE
Jaguar’s F-TYPE sports car was one of the sexiest vehicles on the road when it premiered, and now the British car company has given the F-TYPE new styling inside and out. The most noticeable change is the F-TYPE’s face — slim LED headlights get inset within the newly sculpted clamshell hood. With the signature J daytime running lights as well as the larger grille, the F-TYPE has a wide, more aggressive appearance. The rear LED lights have also been revised with slimmer styling to match the lights up front. “F-TYPE has always had great proportions and stance, and our latest design is all about enhancing those key Jaguar values,” said Jaguar’s Exterior Design Director Adam Hatton. “Our aim was to make the car more contemporary, more purposeful, and even more dramatic,” Hatton concluded.

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