2019 Auto Show Highlights

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
Suzuki Hanare — Tokyo
This stalwart Japanese automaker with an illustrious, extensive history may not sell automobiles in America anymore, but its large presence at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show confirmed the company’s endurance, and included some of the show’s more entertaining vehicles. A perfect example is the Hanare concept, which takes autonomous driving to a new level. Ultimately the Hanare is a mobile living room that is fully autonomous — there is no steering wheel or cockpit of any kind. Occupants simply sit in their comfortable lounge chairs and watch television while the Hanare takes them where they want to go. The unique design of the Hanare concept removes the notion of a vehicle’s front and rear — the concept can operate in either direction. The individual drive wheels also let this concept maneuver itself into tight parking spaces as needed. The entire side of the Hanare opens, which adds another dimension to the enjoyment of this vehicle, allowing the passengers to share their space with the outside world — when parked of course.

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