2019 Auto Show Highlights

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Mazda MX-30 — Tokyo
Since nearly every car company seems to be getting on the electrification bandwagon, Mazda has thrown its hat into the ring with the introduction of the all-new fully-electric MX-30. Styling fits nicely with the rest of the Mazda SUV lineup, but the MX-30 stands out with a unique design element. The rear doors are rear-hinged — similar to the Mazda RX-8 sports car. With no center pillar, this provides easy access to the interior; however, it appears that the rear doors cannot be opened without first opening the front doors. Powering the MX-30 is Mazda’s new electric propulsion system called e-SKYACTIV. Details of the new powertrain were somewhat scarce in Tokyo; however, some reports say the electric motor output is around 140 horsepower with a range of about 130 miles. The MX-30 features a stylish cabin with a clean dashboard design. Several of the surfaces in front are also covered in cork, paying homage to the company’s founding in 1920 as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. While the MX-30 is slated to go on sale in Japan next year, there has been no official word about plans to bring this new EV to America.

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