2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS: First Drive Review

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Better Than You Are
Most race cars in top-level racing series now include transmissions with sequential shifting and/or paddle shifters, so that even if the driver selects the gear, the gear change and clutch are automated. When we had been discussing manual versus PDK, legendary Porsche racing driver Hurley Haywood said, “The PDK is just so good. It’s better than you are.” And I jokingly responded, “I know it’s better than I am,” but Hurley added: “No, it’s better than anyone.” From a performance standpoint, the PDK transmission offers quicker acceleration, better lap times, faster shifts and perfect rev matching on downshifts. And the driver can still shift manually using paddles or the gear shift. The manual transmission is fun to drive and offers rev matching downshifts, but is now the choice for fun or nostalgia — not for pure performance.

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