2018 Lexus LC 500: First Drive Review

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LC 500h On the Road
Lexus only expects 10 percent of LC buyers to choose the hybrid version, which is a pity because the LC 500h is an interesting car. The Multi Stage Hybrid system feels much like a 10-speed transmission in manual mode, and acceleration is quick at low speeds. It also sounds good under acceleration, but we suspect some active enhancement to make it sound the part. The fuel economy improvement at 9–10 mpg across the board is impressive, and it’s still fun to drive. Lexus now has a flagship for hybrid owners as well.

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3 thoughts on “2018 Lexus LC 500: First Drive Review

  1. Comparing the LC500 to any Corvette is the epitome of an apples to oranges comparison. I’ve never seen GM product have the fit and finish of a basic Toyota, much less a Lexus. Even BMW and Mercedes scratches their heads on how Lexus does it. I’d say hold off and wait for the LCF, it should have a twin turbo 4.0L like the new LC500, but with boosted torque and HP (600+?).

  2. Beautiful. However, all the things you hype about it you get in a 60K Corvette. Front Mid-Engine Rear Drive 2-seater with a 50/50 weight distribution. It has a few more HP but far less torque. 0-60 is a lot slower and top speed is lower. Interior is similar but I prefer the more driver focus of the Corvette. I’m not saying it is bad. It is worth something to have a lower production car for the bit more exclusivity without having to go full exotic price. Nice competition to the Mercedes SL or Jaguar F. Been there, done that.

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