2018 Chicago Auto Show: The Cars

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
Nissan 370Zki
A lot of work went into turning Nissan’s Z-car into this one-off 370Zki concept. The entire drivetrain had to be removed before fitting the sports car with a 3-inch lift kit for added ground / snow clearance. The Zki retains its factory brakes, but the brake lines had to be rerouted and the exhaust system modified so they would fit under the vehicle. The rear fenders also underwent modifications to make room for 4-foot-long snow tracks. Up front, additional suspension mods allow steering via skis mounted to the front hubs. The engine and transmission also had to be custom-mounted, and a front skidplate protects the undercarriage from damage in deep snow. Both the skis and tracks come from American Track Truck.

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