2017 Tokyo Motor Show: Highlights

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Mazda KAI Concept
The KAI Concept’s grille is similar to the styling first observed on the CX-5 and CX-9, but the hood seems to extend over the grille, creating a more aggressive stance. Headlights are recessed into the bodywork and almost give the impression of having burned through to be exposed. At the rear, carbon fiber surrounds the integrated dual exhaust outlets as well as a rear spoiler. Unlike many of its competitors, Mazda is sticking with the internal combustion engine rather than going the electrification route. The company has pinned its future on the new SKYACTIV-X engine that powers the KAI Concept. Designed to provide diesel-like fuel efficiency in a gasoline-powered engine, this new technology will be the first instance of a gasoline engine that uses compression ignition in a production vehicle.

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