2017 Mercedes-Benz SL: First Drive Review

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On the Road
During our press drive the new Mercedes-Benz SL was in its element, heading south on California’s Pacific Coast Highway from Newport Beach (the perfect top-down choice for southern California) before turning east to the twisty mountain roads of eastern Orange and San Diego counties. The SL500 offers abundant power with over 500 lb-ft of torque available as low as 1800 rpm, leaving little doubt about Mercedes-Benz’s zero to 60 mph claims. The DYNAMIC SELECT system offers a range of smooth to sport settings for comfortable cruising or more aggressive sporty driving. The Curve setting for the ABC suspension is for comfort, not performance — catering to those who prefer a smooth ride and don’t want to feel the sensation of the corner. With the Curve setting activated, turning into a corner becomes seamless: you don’t feel the suspension take a set, and it’s an odd feeling if you’re used to receiving that information from the car — but it will be a favorite setting for those looking for the smoothest ride.

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