2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Versatile Vans

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Van Versatility
One great aspect of attending auto shows around the globe is getting the chance to see vehicles in automotive segments that are either nonexistent in the States, or their market share is so small they barely get on the radar. There’s plenty to see at an international auto show such as Frankfurt, but in addition to the exciting concept cars, extreme sports cars and high-end luxury models, there are some outstanding vans on display. Granted, vans and minivans get little to no attention in America since they comprise one of the smallest segments of the massive automotive market. But vans are big in Europe — both figuratively and literally. We looked around the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and discovered some unique and interesting vans that could redefine the art of moving people — if the rigs were coming to America — but we feel obligated to point out that most of the following vehicles are currently unavailable in the U.S.

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