2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Top Concepts

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Audi Aicon
Audi debuted two concept cars in Frankfurt, the Elaine and Aicon, as examples of how Audi plans to continue developing autonomous driving in the future. The names of both concepts include AI, for Audi AI, the abbreviation Audi uses for its mobile technologies that draw strategy and technology from artificial intelligence and machine learning. International Automotive Engineering has adopted a five-level scale to define automated driving: Driver Assistance, Partial Automation, Conditional Automation, High Automation and Full Automation. The Audi Aicon is an example of Level 5 Full Automation, with no steering wheel or pedals — all driver controls are eliminated. Aicon is powered by four electric motors that each drive a wheel with a total output of 260 kW and 406 lb-ft of torque.

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