2017 Detroit Auto Show: Top Trucks

© Rod Hatfield© Rod Hatfield
Ram Rebel TRX
Power in the Rebel TRX comes from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine borrowed from the Dodge Hellcat, which produces 575 horsepower. With more than 13 inches of wheel travel, performance shocks and custom suspension, the TRX is built to fly off-road at triple-digit speeds. “The Rebel TRX can move through miles of rough terrain at incredible speeds, effortlessly absorbing impacts in a way that would very much surprise most people,” said Rob Wichman, Head of Ram Engineering for FCA North America. “Engineering a truck with such a high tolerance for punishment keeps the focus on chassis development and durability,” noted Wichman. While the TRX is fully functional, FCA currently has no plan to put a truck like this into production.

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