2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: First Look

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Electric Range
The Pacifica Hybrid should have a range of about 30 miles when running in electric-only mode. Chrysler says the minivan can cruise at speeds up to 75 mph without the gas engine contributing to that momentum. Chrysler expects a city driving rating of about 80 MPGe. Braking energy gets recovered to further the electric-only range.

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  1. Hello Perry, what the heck is that Ford truck in the top 10 stolen vehicles article?! Like no F-150 i know of–wish that it were–with those more modest lines and stance like yesteryear, even round headlights visible. No over-gargantuan, ultra tall and massive front end, clean side body and window lines with no exaggerations. Is that an overseas market only..or perhaps a Ranger concept?…though modest as it is seems a little large for the latter. Speaking of, saw an older Ford pickup go round a corner the other day and thought there goes an old Ranger…and it was a late 80s F-150!! …such are the behemoths (all brands) we’re so used to now! Anyway, this truck–appearing to be a supercab and not crew– in the article looks nice. So wondering. Thanks, Gregg. Scottsdale, AZ

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