2016 Nissan Maxima: First Drive Review

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On the Road
The new Maxima is a fun driver with plenty of power from the 3.5-liter V6 engine. The sport-tuned Xtronic CVT does a pretty good job of disguising itself as a traditional automatic transmission and at times feels as if it is shifting up through the gears under acceleration or downshifting when slowing. There is a manual shift mode that allows the driver to shift up or down to set ratios, and the changes are very smooth with minimal power interruption. But in Sport mode and under hard acceleration there’s no mistaking the distinctive CVT function of holding a set rpm while vehicle speed continues to increase. It’s an efficient and practical method, but it still seems out of place in a sport sedan, although it’s not going to be as noticeable in most driving conditions. The chassis feels balanced and responsive, the ride is not too harsh, steering is responsive with a nice linear feel, so Maxima is fun to push through any favorite section of winding road. The Zero Gravity seats are very comfortable but also offer good lateral support.

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3 thoughts on “2016 Nissan Maxima: First Drive Review

  1. I have owned the 2016 Maxima SR for 3 weeks now still learning things. This vehicle being a low profile car Potholes are a Nightmare for this car. I hit a pothole and it hit me BAD in the pocket. Replacing the Rim and Tire $$$$$$

  2. I’m a maxima faithful since the beginning.
    And with each model, they continue to enhance that.
    I’t not perfect, but the stilling is set the car apart.

  3. Wonderful, dramatic styling inside and out. But I notice it is longer than the already long prior generation. With roads so crowded (at last here on the East Coast) why do they make cars (and trucks) larger and larger? How easily can you park this thing?

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