2016 Geneva Motor Show: Luxury Debuts

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
Rolls-Royce Black Badge
Inside, Black Badge provides a darker interpretation of luxury with aerospace-grade aluminum-threaded carbon fiber composite surfacing — a material used on stealth aircraft. Air vents are darkened and a Black Badge clock with orange-tipped hands is gets added to the dash with the ‘Unlimited’ rating infinity logo on the face; the logo is also embroidered on the upholstery. To create an edgy feel for the interior, black leather is combined with Tailored Purple in Ghost Black Badge and Cobalto Blue in Wraith Black Badge. Already extremely powerful, the drivetrain of the Ghost Black Badge was modified to boost the overall output to 603 horsepower to be more responsive, while the suspension and steering were tuned to retain the luxurious ride but with more of a driver focus. Already the most powerful Rolls-Royce model at 623 horsepower, the Wraith Black Badge receives additional torque, redesigned air suspension and a revised 8-speed automatic transmission for a more spirited driving experience.

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