2015 ‘Mudfest’ — Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year

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Light Off-Roading
The course most vehicles experienced consisted of a pothole-ridden gravel/muddy road that could be driven at speeds up to 40 mph, as well as a trail through the woods. The woodland route featured some tight turns, slick surfaces and deep water — some of the “puddles” were more than a foot deep. We fully realize many of the small crossovers tested, such as the Buick Encore and Mercedes GLA, will never be driven through such mucky conditions, but it’s nice to know they have the capability if ever called upon to do so.

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One thought on “2015 ‘Mudfest’ — Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year

  1. That looked like it was lots of fun. Amazing that none of the vehicles
    “drowned” in all that deep water.

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