2015 BMW i8 Review

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Standout Feature
Granted, many features of the i8 make it stand out from the crowd, but the exhaust note surprised us most. We expected more silence — probably because we are so conditioned by the quiet gas engines of ordinary hybrids, which automakers purposefully tone down so they operate seamlessly with the electric motors. The i8 is no ordinary hybrid; when the gas engine kicks to life, the roar sounds like a powerful V8 — meaning heads turn, especially under full throttle.

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2 thoughts on “2015 BMW i8 Review

  1. I noticed the speedometer has a top end of one sixty, fast enough for me. Guess I’ll do some Googling to find the 0-60 and 1/4 mile stats. Sixty-five mpg combined is a great incentive for you rich people to own one of these cool looking car.

  2. I like that you give both the pro’s and con’s of the cars – that makes for a very interesting article.

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