2015 BMW i8 Review

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With its sleek silhouette, big wheels, narrow grille and crazy aerodynamic angles at the rear, the i8 looks more like a concept car than an actual production automobile. Anyone looking at the i8 knows it’s something special, even if they’re not into cars. And that’s before opening the doors, described by BMW as “scissor door design with lifting and turning function upward toward the front.” Unlike the McLaren 650S Spider, the doors don’t swing out much farther than standard car doors, so there’s less chance of getting trapped in your car in a tight parking space.

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2 thoughts on “2015 BMW i8 Review

  1. I noticed the speedometer has a top end of one sixty, fast enough for me. Guess I’ll do some Googling to find the 0-60 and 1/4 mile stats. Sixty-five mpg combined is a great incentive for you rich people to own one of these cool looking car.

  2. I like that you give both the pro’s and con’s of the cars – that makes for a very interesting article.

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