200 MPH on the Highway . . . and No Speeding Tickets!

© David Concanon© David Concanon
Speed Without Limits
It doesn’t matter what car you’re driving — if you’re on the open road and happen to hit a long vehicle-free straight stretch, for a moment you might consider putting your right foot down to go as fast as the car will take you. It’s human nature: the temptation to go faster, or the need for speed. But you don’t do it (we hope) since it’s illegal and dangerous. However, for one day each year in Sun Valley, Idaho, the authorities close down a remote, long, straight section of Highway 75 and a small group of drivers has the opportunity to push the limits: to go as fast as their cars (and their nerves) will take them. The event is the Sun Valley Tour de Force and, thanks to McLaren, we had a suitable vehicle to fly down that long, straight road — the all-new 720S.

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